Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inspiring Elementary Engineering

You may be reading this today thinking there is something different about this blog. Very subtle changes, mind you, but big changes in store for this coming school year. You may have noticed the name has changed. That's right, the name is changing from Engineering by Design to Inspiring Elementary Engineering. We want to inspire elementary students to think-outside-the-box, and problem solve like so many engineers in the field often have to do on a daily basis. Along with the name change, I've changed the logo and banner a little. This is not the "official" logo for our District's Inspiring Elementary Engineering course that is being taught in some elementary schools throughout the district this coming school year; however, while I wait for the official design to be created and circulated, I came up with my own design using Photoshop CS5's 3D tools.

I also thought it was only right to change the name in the address to this blog, just slightly, to reflect the new class. Traditionally "EBD" has another acronym meaning used in ESE (special ed) classes. While we were trying to get away from this meaning, I thought we should stress the Engineering factor of the class. Since I will be teaching this course at Braden River Elementary, I added the BRE part to the address link.

I've also made a few changes to the left sidebar by adding links for teachers, and students, and included a news feeder to Discovery Science. It is my goal to not only make this a place for parents to read about their students' progress in my elementary engineering class, but to also make this a resource site for other engineering, especially elementary engineering teachers, and a fun site for students to visit and learn more about what goes into design and engineering. Please bookmark this page and visit it often throughout the year for updates in our engineering process as well as other reference information in STEM education (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math).


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