Monday, March 28, 2011

Designing Logos

Our first meeting of the Braden River Elementary School Engineering by Design Enrichment Club kicked off today, Monday, March 28, 2011, with 19 of its 21 registered members in attendance. To further build excitement and club spirit, the task for the day was breaking up into think tank companies and designing logos for each. After designing logos, the students designed logos to be transferred onto t-shirts to be worn on Mondays, our club meeting days.

Below are the results of the logo designs:

As an example, I showed the students a t-shirt design I came up with along with a group of teachers during a three-day Engineering by Design workshop.

The design to the left is a photoshop rendition of the design drawn on a small t-shirt with fabric markers. You  can click on the image to zoom.

The workshop was on the I3 project which focused on the concepts of Innovation, Invention, and Inquiry.

Lily, John, Sara, and Ethan’s design reflecting that engineering and ingenuity begins in the minds. (And thinking along the lines of “Odyssey of the Mind”.) the TE in the middle stands for Technology and Engineering, two of the four STEM components.

Markella, Grace,  Jamie, and Kennedy’s Victorian company’s design.

Ben, Tyler, Alex A., and Jayden drew inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci for their company’s design, incorporating da Vinci’s flying machine into their design.

Max, Hunter, Nicolas, and Tucker also took their cue from STEM using gears for Science and Technology.

The combined designing creativity of Jack, Eric, Alex D. and Cooper decided on a technologically advanced military approach with the helicopter, gas mask with night vision, and stealth bomber plane for their Black Ops  Brothers company.


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