Monday, April 4, 2011

Join the mission, design a patch

2011 marks the last of the space shuttle flights and the end of the space shuttle program. The first space shuttle lifted off on April 12, 1981. Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to take off for its final mission on June 28 of this year. In an effort to pay tribute to the over 135 shuttle mission flights, the Engineering by Design crew was given the challenge this week to design patches for the space shuttles. Their design brief included the challenges of naming at least one space shuttle in their design, working as a team - just as the members of each of the space shuttle mission crews did, creating an original design, keeping the design appropriate and with the spirit of peace, and had to be based on research related to exploration. After spending some time in NASA’s website and studying some of their past space shuttle mission patches, the groups came up with the following designs:

Black Ops Brothers paying tribute to the Space Shuttle Discovery Leonardo’s Assistants design incorporating all six of the space shuttle names
The Science and Technology team chose to incorporate an American flag into their design along with all six of the space shuttle names.

The Engineers chose a 5 point star as the base of their design, showing Atlantis as the last of the space flights on top.
The Victorians took their inspiration from their name incorporating an large V into their design, and showed two different angles of the space shuttles.


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