Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Engineering Design Process projects coming together

Most of the groups are just about done with creating and building their Engineering Design Process projects, and although it is taking longer than I anticipated, I am pleased with the students' work and progress. They are learning to work together, taking turns in helping to build their final product, learning to stay with their plan (with encouragement from me, this is easier said than done with some of the groups), and enjoying seeing their designs take shape. Some groups are learning that what looks good on paper doesn't always work out when they put everything together. These groups are starting to work on their Improving step. The students are all so creative and inventive. I love seeing all of the different items they have created out of basic materials.

Some of the designs I am seeing take shape this week include a picture frame made from straws, a man made from spoons, a tent with the original straw as the center support, Christmas ornaments from floppy disks, several different hot air balloons, spoon turned to a ladybug, a snowflake from spoons (although not quite finished, but coming together nicely), a scarecrow that started with a plastic Easter egg, headphones that started with a plastic Easter egg, several different airplanes including one that started with a plastic tray used to hold a laser printer ink cartridge in shipping, a table hockey game, a golf club made from a straw, a couple of fish made from floppy disks, and several different cars made from straws, spoons, or floppy diskettes.

An airplane from what once held
an ink cartridge in shipping.
How to turn an disk into a fish, just add fancy foam scales like this.
Wrapping the handle of a straw golf club. Trying out the new wireless headphones of the future.
This tent started with a straw, and sleeps one plus a dog.


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