Friday, December 2, 2011

New Logo for a New Program

The new logo is finally in from the graphic designer (hired)! You may have noticed it at the top with the black lightning bolt going through the first "E" in Engineering forming the center in the cog/gear. (I say new logo for a new program in that at the start of the year a graphic artist/designer was hired to create a new logo for the Inspiring Elementary Engineering program and to show a change from last year's Engineering by Design. Refer to the July 2nd post.) I've been playing around with where I want it in the banner, and haven't settled on a place, yet. I got used to my original graphic having styled it to match the colors and feel of the background on the blog. (You may have noticed I snuck the old IE2 and gear logo in next to the head on the left.) It might just be a matter of pride, professional one over mine. But, I'm going to try it out for size for a while.

You may see the graphic moving from place to place and change sizes with the next few posts as I get used to seeing it there. As always, feedback is more than welcomed. Let me know your thoughts on the new graphic.


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